Cost of Production Session Files

CowProfit$ (install on Windows PC)
CowProfit$ CowProfit$ 3.26 Software
CowProfit$ 3 - Training Manual
CowProfit$ User Manual
YouTube Instructional Videos
CowProfit$ Training Videos
JJD Case Study for CowProfit$
JJD Cattle Co. Case Study
JJD Case Study
Doe-CaseStudy-BeefTech.cxl - Case Study File
Forecaster - Using JJD Cattle Co. Case Study
Excel-Based COP Calculator (for use on Mac or PC computers)
Excel-based COP Calculator
CowProfit$ 3 - Training Manual
COP Training Materials & ABC Ranch Case Study (page 15)
ABC Ranch - Excel Case Study
ABC Ranch Case Study File
Presenter's Slides
Presenter Slides
Kathy Larson's PowerPoint Slides (PDF)
Alberta 2012-2016 Cost of Production Benchmarks
Alberta COP Benchmarks
2012-2016 AB COP Benchmarks (Released Oct 24, 2017)

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